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1140 Buckles Road

Pierson, FL  32180


Tel: 888-453-5666



Getting here is easy, leaving is the difficult part. 

We are located West of I95 on State Road 40.  Just exit I95 at the State Road 40 Exit and head West until you see the signs for the Sheriff's Youth Ranch or Buckles Road.  Turn right and follow the road (Buckles Road) to our RANCH.  We will be located on your left right after you make the turn past the Youth Camp.

The Gate is OPEN and we are waiting for your arrival. 


Like we say: "Getting here is easy, leaving is the difficult part" and even though you are not a member of our Club, we want you to visit as if you were and enjoy what we have created at the Double R Ranch for our Travel & Vacation Club Members to enjoy.  We hope that once you see what you are missing, you too will become a member of our SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club. 

Let Us open an new world of Vacation Saving for you and your family. You can vacation at place you Dream About at Prices you can Afford.  Hope to see you soon !


Our Address

1140 Buckles Road

Pearson, Florida 32180

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TEL: 888-453-5666


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