family fun

We are all about Old Fashion Family Fun

We welcome you to our Ranch where you can lay back and enjoy your family and the great outdoors.  We do not have televisions or internet in our rental properties simply because we are all about being OFF the GRID. We  do have a campfire where you can sit under the night sky with your family enjoying the beautiful night sky full of stars.


OFF GRID means- You will see the stars in the sky better than ever because there are no City Lights and the stars provide the Camp's night light.  We do not have Internet, we prefer you bring your own using your cell phone  as a hot spot. We prefer to be noise pollution  free and that includes no phones, no televisions, no internet - nothing but the great outdoors and nature while at the Double R.  We are all about winding down and escaping the RAT RACE - Come join us, you might like it.


If you bring your horse we have miles and miles of riding trails



If you bring your Dirt Bike we have miles and miles of trails to ride and get as dirty as you like.  Mudding is a thing at the Double R Ranch and everyone loves to get muddy 



The Best Vacation is the ones you remember the most and when your camp out with the family at our Ranch you will remember it forever - Espeially if you join the Bigfoot Hunt



If you want ot explore Mother Nature we have miles and miles of hiking and walking trails and if you feel adventurous some have never been touched by humans


We are very close to the St. Johns River where you can take a day trip and enjoy Old Florida with a tour on the River.  If you have your own boat, bring it and you can really explore the St Johns River and all the Natural Springs on Lake George.  This is why we are a favoriate roosting place for the Winter Snow Birds who visit from Canada and other points Up  North.

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1140 Buckles Road

Pearson, Florida 32180

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TEL: 888-453-5666


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